Amazon is a huge market with the boundless potential. The opportunity for business individuals is amazing, Amazon’s tightening and strengthening policies make salespeople, mainly third-party sellers, harder to comply with in the high potential market. Hence, our company helps sellers to easily handle the cases which they are most likely to encounter when trading on Amazon.
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Thomas Jones

Founder of AMZ.Today

AMZ.Today provides support and advocates for Amazon Sellers amongst other e-commerce experts to deal with almost all common issues on Amazon.

Appeal and Ungating Expert

Thomas is passionate about research and problem solving on all Amazon related issues. He has successfully helped multitudes of sellers, both newbies and sellers for years, in jumping in beneficial selling categories and handling compliance issues.

Proficient Seller on Amazon

He currently leads our team including 23 Sellers in the TOP 500 US Market Sellers running business on Amazon.

Henry Johnson

Co-Founder of AMZ.Today

Along with Thomas, Henry Johnson has led AMZ.Today to run a complete service system to make the sales of Amazon sellers grow faster.

Ungating Expert

In addition to the need to find out the tastes of customers to catch up with the market, Henry is extremely interested in the list of almost restricted or gated categories on Amazon. He desires to dive deep into these things to reaffirm that what he invested in is correct. Having 8-year experience in researching and analyzing, Henry earns 100% of the customer’s trust by maintaining a 100% success rate.


Sharing deep knowledge with AMZ.Today, Henry and AMZ.Today expert team have helped more than 1500 promote sales in the first year as well as their revenue growth by getting them ungated in restricted categories and big brands.

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Raymond Finley

“I am very pleased with AMZ.Today’s consultants who assist me and give overall support to my case. They guided me step by step clearly while I have been too tired to solve problem myself. Highly recommended!”

Cassidy Flynn

“Service is superb! I have never found such a patient and friendly team like AMZ.Today. Thanks for addressing all of my concern and useful advises while using service.”

Caroline Knox

“The support and development team are amazing! They are always very prompt in answering and resolving if there is problem. Keep up the good work guys!”